I’ve been studying for 6 hours straight and probs still going to fail. Organic chem is the devil.

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love these two


love these two

back up, baby, back up
back up, please back up

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If anyone sees me on here tonight yell at me in my askbox to get off and study for my test!! Ok thanks!

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Taylors Updated Promo Schedule


10/1/14 -Subway Contest Begins

10/6/14-Legrand Journal TV show (paris) 

10/9/14-Capital Breakfast Show (London) 

10/10- The Graham Norton Show (london)

10/20/14= X Factor Australia

10/24/14- We can Survive Concert in LA

10/27/14- 1989!!! GMA Performace

10/29/14- Scholastic Reading Event 1 pm (NYC)

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Honestly can’t get over how consistently amazing Taylor is to her fans. Who else invites 89 fans to their house TWICE and plays an entire unreleased album for them??? Not to mention the times she’s previously invited her fans over to her houses. She’s baked cookies (on multiple…

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1989 Secret Sessions - Nashville.

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I feel like after Taylor dates guys they just look so terrible after like I’m pretty sure jake gyllenhaal didn’t shave for 3 years, John Mayer started wearing ponchos and had hair down to his shoulders and I don’t think Harry styles has found a hairbrush since she left

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I’m so happy for everyone at the nashville secret session!!!
Welcome to the CLUB!

You and I walk a fragile line, I have known it all this time but I never thought I’d live to see it break.

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